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1979 Buffalo Survey Map

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1979 Survey Map of Buffalo Glacier
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1977-1981 Annual Ice Ablation (melt)
9 Aug 1978 Buffalo Glacier
9 Aug 1978 Buffalo Glacier
28 Jul 1979 Buffalo Glacier
26 Jul 1977 Buffalo Glacier
12 June 1978 Buffalo Glacier
25 Jul 1977 Buffalo Glacier
A high-resolution, near-nadir DigitalGlobe Quickbird (0.6 m pan pixels)or GeoEye IKONOS (1 m pan pixels) satellite image would enable this 1979 survey map to be georeferenced and loaded into a GIS. Alternatively, orthorectified aerial photographs would enable georeferencing of the 1979 survey map. The Theodolite and Stadia data were processed and coverted a format appropriate for map generation with programs J. Ellis wrote for a Texas Instruments hand-held calculator in the early 1980's.

If earth scientists were to return to this landform and acquire new x, y, z survey points using GPS or theodolite/stadia, then surface changes could be quantified over the past ~30 years, and models developed that correlated Trans Alaska Pipeline System (TAPS) weather records from Atigun Pass and Pumping Stations with landform changes. In addition, volumetric changes could probably be modeled.