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1979 Buffalo Survey Map

1979-80 Marmot Survey Map

1978 Grizzly Survey Map

1980 Grizzly Survey map

1978 Jaeger Survey Map

1978 Pika Survey Map

1980 Grizzly Glacier Survey Map
1980 Grizzly Glacier Survey Map jpg (2MB zip)
1977-1982 Annual Ice Ablation (melt)
8 June 1978 Grizzly Glacier Snowpit
July 1980 Grizzly Glacier
2 Jul 1999 Grizzly Glacier (Red Blob)
A high-resolution, near-nadir DigitalGlobe Quickbird (0.6 m pan pixels)or GeoEye IKONOS (1 m pan pixels) satellite image would enable this 1980 survey map to be georeferenced and loaded into a GIS. Alternatively, orthorectified aerial photographs would enable georeferencing of this survey map. The Theodolite and Stadia data were processed and coverted a format appropriate for map generation with programs J. Ellis wrote for a Texas Instruments hand-held calculator in the early 1980's.

If earth scientists were to return to this landform and acquire new x, y, z survey points using GPS or theodolite/stadia, then surface changes could be quantified over the past ~30 years, and models developed that correlated Trans Alaska Pipeline System (TAPS) weather records from Atigun Pass and Pumping Stations with landform changes.  In addition, volumetric changes could probably be modeled.