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1982 Dissertation discussing the Holocene Glaciation of the Central Brooks Range, Alaska - download it today! 

Cirque Glacier Perched on Folded-Faulted Rock
This 396 page dissertation is a compilation of field, lab, and statistical work done between 1977 and 1982. The field areas include the Atigun Pass area, Anaktuvuk Pass, and Arrigetch Peaks. The topics include:
1) Geographical Setting and Climate
2) Methods
3) Glaciers, NeoGlacial Moraines, and Rock Glaciers
4) Developement of a Holocene Glacial Chronology
5) Climatic Analysis of Cirque Glaciation
Appendices A - J
Figures 1 - 50
Tables 1 - 15

Unpublished 1978-1980 survey maps of 3 glaciers & 2 glacier-cored rock glaciers in the Atigun Pass area are provided on other website pages.

In addition,
eight Holocene valley glacier moraines in the rugged northeastern Brooks Range were areas mapped and photographed in 1981. The areas mapped and photographs will be provided as GoogleEarth overlays & postings in the near future. These maps & photographs have not been published.

Ellis 1982 Dissertation - Central Brooks Range Holocene Glaciers 30MB zip
Dall Sheep near Atigun Pass
Caribou under TAPS, Atigun Valley, Summer 1979
Child, Kaktovik Village, 1981
Summer, Lisburne Limesone in Atgun Valley
Parker Calkin under Twin Glacier, 17 Jul 1978
1981 Okpilak Glacier with Walt Audi