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1979 Buffalo Survey Map

1979-80 Marmot Survey Map

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1978 Pika Survey Map

Holocene Glaciers, Moraines, & Rock Glaciers Base Map
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Field Sites in Atigun Pass Area
Field Sites in the Anaktuvuk Pass Area
Field Sites in the Arrigetch Peaks
1981 Field Sites in the NE Brooks Range
Basemap of Buffalo (1) & Marmot (2) Glaciers
Grizzly (3), Jaeger (38) and Pika (37) Glacial landforms
Surveyed Glacial Landforms
The Glacier & Rock Glacier IDs are explained and names provided in the 1982 Dissertation (p. 185-187). The Theodolite and Stadia Survey Maps that are on this website are of 3 cirque glaciers and 2 tongue-shaped rock glaciers shown on this map. Glaciers 1, 2, and 3 (Buffalo, Marmot, and Grizzly) and Rock Glaciers 37 and 38 (Pika and Jaeger), all near Atigun Pass, were surveyed in 1978 - 1980 with Theodolite and Stadia by J.Ellis with the help of Michael Bruen, Steve Walti, Tom Lowell, and Parker Calkin.