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Airborne Hyperspectral Mineral Exploration, Afghanistan


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Poster - Depositional Facies Patterns and Resultant Heterogeneity in Carbonate Sand Reservoirs – Insight from Modern Analogs,  Mitch Harris & James Ellis, 2010, SEPM Short Course Notes No. 54 (2 - DVD set of GIS, GeoPDFs, paper with extensive references, etc.) - 2010 AAPG Poster link below.

Poster - Satellite Imagery, Visualization and Geological Interpreation of the Exumas, Great Bahama Bank: An Analog for Carbonate Sand Reservoirs, Mitch Harris & James Ellis, 2009, SEPM Short Course Notes No. 53 (2 - DVD set of GIS, GeoPDFs, paper with extensive references, etc.) - 2009 AAPG Poster link below.

Afhanistan DOD (TFBSO) Mineral Exploration  see pdf pages 45-59 (7 MB pdf download)
USGS Afghanistan OFR 2011-1204 Report

Poster - Satellite Imagery and Visualization of the Caicos Platform, Mitch Harris & James Ellis, 2008, SEPM Core Workshop 22, 17 page paper with Knowledge Transfer DVD (GIS & GeoPDFs) - 2008 AAPG Poster link below.

Presentation - Analyzing Spatial Patterns in Modern Carbonate Sand Bodies from Great Bahama Bank, Mitch Harris, Sam Purkis, and James Ellis - 2011 AAPG National Convention oral presentation

A collection of 2008-2011 AAPG Convention Abstracts with remote sensing & GIS for mapping modern carbonates

Using ArcGIS for Subsea Field Layout Planning & Visualization

High Resolution Satellite Imagery for Mapping Invasive Aquatic Plants (S. Wiegersma and J.M. Ellis): Earth Observation Magazine, December 2004, volume 13, no. 8, p. 20 – 24.

Searching for Oil Seeps and Oil-Impacted Soil with Hyperspectral Imagery (J.M.Ellis): Earth Observation Magazine, Jan 2001, p. 25-28

Crude Findings - Remote Sensing and GPS Aid Hyperspectral Detection Efforts (J.M.Ellis and M.B.Quinn): Point of Beginning, April 2001, p. 28-32.

NASA Satellite Systems for the Non-renewable Resource Sector - Earth Observation Magazine

Exploring for Onshore Oil Seeps with Hyperspectral Imaging (J.M.Ellis, H.H.Davis, J.Zamudio): Oil & Gas Journal, 10 Sep 2001, vol. 99.37, p. 49-58

Several of the downloads are papers submitted to Proceedings of the 5th to 14th Applied Geologic Remote Sensing Conferences, coordinated by the Environmental Research Institute of Michigan (ERIM). Reprints of specific articles or the One- or Two-volume sets of the entire Conference Proceedings may be available from Michelle Wienert, Asst. Research Scientist Conference Manager, MTRI, Michigan Tech University, 3600 Green Ct., Ste. 100, Ann Arbor, MI 48105, 734-913-6870 (o), 734-913-6880 (f),,